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It was in 1973 that the Dubrulle company started its activity in the municipality of Flanders, on the trading market for agricultural equipment and public works. In 1991, 18 years later, the family business was officially split around the two historical activities.

Smart machines…

Damien Dubrulle joined Etablissements Dubrulle, the entity dedicated to agricultural equipment, in 1993. At the time, the company had 3 employees and quickly knew “great growth” to reach 20 M€ of turnover in 1999 for 8 employees. A pioneering year in the history of the company since it started building its own products. In 2002, the integrated design office and the first factory were created, while the British brand Downs was acquired in 2006. Today, Etablissements Dubrulle employs 60 people and exports their products throughout the world, relying on a common thread inscribed in the DNA of the Sainte-Marie-Cappel company: innovation.

Damien Dubrulle explains: “Our vocation is to give intelligence to our machines, by integrating customers into their development by our engineers… Requests come from everywhere: Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Canada, United States, Australia, Egypt , etc.” On the strength of its ambition, the company has invested in the field of artificial intelligence for three years via an emblematic project, CropVision, carried out in partnership with a start-up specializing in vision and algorithms. A small revolution!

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“Our vocation is to give intelligence to our machines”, assures Damien Dubrulle.

…like the Downs CropVision

The Downs CropVision is a next generation optical sorter for unwashed potatoes. Equipped with major technological innovations, it enables qualitative sorting of potatoes before high-speed storage. Elected “European machine of the year 2021”, it allows, beyond the gains in terms of productivity and profitability, to reduce the land and the waste transported, and, ultimately, contribute to reducing the number of trucks needed to transport the crops and to optimize storage areas. All the activities related to the project and its future development will be located in Sainte-Marie-Cappel, the company planning the construction of an additional building and the hiring of around fifteen people by 2025.

Nearly thirty CropVision should be marketed in 2022 and fifty from 2023, according to Damien Dubrulle. “Our machine is a real alternative to the labor problem encountered by most producers, he points out. LThe environmental impact is also not negligible, while damaged and therefore unsaleable potatoes are easily reused in animal feed». And to conclude: “The future is automation!”

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Artificial intelligence at the heart of the growth of Etablissements Dubrulle | The Gazette Nord-Pas de Calais

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