Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SEO: Where are we headed?

In recent months, a considerable number of tools have come out related to artificial intelligence (AI).

These tools are of particular interest to SEOs for 2 reasons

  • Content production
  • Image production

There are even tools that generate videos…

If you want to go see and test for yourself:

full ofAI-based SEO tools especially the French:

And the last one that impressed everyone:

Knowing that this latest openAI tool is based on GPT3-5 and that version 4 will arrive next year.

This version 4 should completely sweep away what GPT3 is capable of. The figures announced in relation to GPT3 are delusional.

GPT3-5 already shows us a striking, not to say terrifying, evolution of what GPT4 is going to be.

Examples with OpenAI

Tobias Zwingmann listed some notable examples on Linkedin:

  1. Use ChatGPT instead of Google Search:
  2. Use ChatGPT to explain complex algorithms in the teaching style you want
  3. Using ChatGPT to create prompts for DALL-E (Inception :D)
  4. Use ChatGPT to help you build apps from scratch
  5. Use ChatGPT to explain scientific concepts
  6. Use multiple online apps at the same time
  7. Write recipes 😋
  8. Do homework
  9. write funny stories
  10. Skip StackOverflow (developer site) and go straight to the answer

I add an eleventh, “Write a Rap text on SEO“:

What does this change for SEO content production?

To be honest with you, I came back from a lunch last Friday noon with an SEO specialized in content.

I explained to him that for the moment the level of AI (openAI) was not in my opinion high enough to replace an editor, that I had tested a lot of generation or rewriting tools without much success.

It was (is) possible to use a lot of tools but only if you were clever. To use this as an assistant, to proofread very carefully and to know how to add one’s touch (one’s words) in the right places.

All of this can ultimately be more complicated for a writer who is not very “resourceful” than to write himself without an assistant.

Moreover, in the context of my tests I found duplicates (for example for the tools for re-writing articles) or else during multiple generations of the same subject, which immediately condemns the use.

Unless you use this as a publisher of your own sites and you don’t work for clients of course.

Long content can also be a hassle.

artificial intelligence and SEO

The quality of a spin can be exceptional (better than some writers who write 1 by 1 articles) and unbeatable in price.

Generally, SEO writing by humans does not cost very much if you compare the price of an SEO writer to that of an SEO consultant.

The challenge is therefore to have the expected quality.

So I come back from this lunch then I see the latest OpenAI application based on GPT3.5 and there I admit I was very impressed. Often it is impossible to distinguish the human from the machine.

In my box, we have an in-house SEO editor and several freelancers who are very familiar with our methods. The work they deliver is superior to what I see so far in the tools from an SEO perspective.

Offshore content not assisted by AI will be (is) in my opinion out of the game except for one detail… if for you 3€ or 0€ is the same thing.

High-level content that provides tone, mood, branding, moving, or non-hollow will always be there (even though my tests to ask the AI ​​to write respecting the style of this or that writer are conclusive & very funny)

In any case, there will always be an incredible opening for writers who manage to use the tools.

  • Go very fast (and therefore earn a lot more money)
  • Proofread, correct and optimize content (sometimes too underestimated task)

If we believe the figures announced about GPT4, the generated content should reach perfection but in my opinion, it will always require an SEO editor to go over the texts, optimize them and at least proofread them.

However, we all know that the SEO texts placed at the bottom of the page are read by almost no one…

Regarding the price of content, you have to be aware that for many companies: Free or €5 (or even €50 or more for a large account customer) it comes down to exactly the same thing. That is to say that the price no longer comes into play because the price is so low. From the moment there are no faults and the tone is ok, only the result will count IA or not IA, off shore or high level.

Finally, the question will arise of the potential detection by Google of content, images and videos generated via AI and the SEO consequences of the use…

What does this change for Google & SEO?

I am convinced that with or without AI, Google is already confronted and for a long time with the problem of too much content (URL).

He already anticipated this problem: Google indexing: Towards a new paradigm?

Regarding duplicates, Google recently announced that they consider more than 60% of the URLs they discover to be duplicates. Lots of sites self-duplicate (DUST) and it could escalate with AI.

In addition, for several years, Google has been relying on large sites in order to limit its risk-taking. Google has for a large number of queries at least 10 relevant sites, at least for commercial queries.

With or without AI, the number of URLs will continue to explode. It will become harder and harder to get indexed.

Google could also reduce the importance of the content factor… but it is already so attacked on the linking part, that would not make sense.

artificial intelligence & content

What does this change for Google?

Where we can see a problem for Google, there may be a huge opportunity. Google already has its own AI which may be even better.

Google would (or will) have all the answers to many questions.

For years, the proportion of the number of clicks on the natural results following a search has been falling. The CTRs are decreasing more and more.

Google seeks to keep as many visitors as possible or to direct them to its own services in order to earn the maximum amount of money.

There are more and more searches resulting in 0 clicks.

If Google has a perfect answer engine, then it will send less and less free traffic to websites.

If Google has the answers, why keep showing Wikipedia?

seo and AI content writing

What does it change for others?

If Google can have a perfect answer engine then others can have it. Imagine a free response engine without advertising or tracking. AIE Aie Aie…

This can considerably reduce the cost of the entry ticket. It certainly opens the door to competition.

This may make Apple’s job terribly easier to get into the fight. Ditto for an Elon Musk, one of the initiators of the openAI project.

What does this change for the world?

If we move away from SEO to talk about AI in the broad sense & the ability to analyze a monstrous volume of data (Data Mining) coupled with Machine Learning, there is no longer any doubt that the next masters of the world will be the leaders of these activities.

There is already an incredible literature on this subject.

A huge number of professions, particularly in the medical field, are going to be turned upside down. This affects/will affect finance, legal, IT & especially security… almost everything up to certainly education.

Allow me by way of conclusion to open on 3 subjects that are close to my heart, namely energy, ecology and education.

First of all, all of this is extremely energy-intensive.

Governments that expect a reduction in energy consumption in the years to come & aim to reduce production capacities will de facto put their country out of the game.

Ditto, for the countries which will not have an abundant and inexpensive source of energy.

And finally this source of energy will have to be “Carbon Free”.

Regarding education, we will need the best possible engineers in the fields of AI, machine learning, data mining, etc., not to mention the funding that goes with it.

What if you are SEO?

Test! Test now 🙂

If you don’t have a budget for your site’s SEO writing, you now have the option of having free content (or almost free). And as always in SEO the difference is between those who act and those who do nothing (or who do less).

PS: All images in this article were generated by an AI. In particular, I asked for a robot in the style of Picasso & another in the style of Rembrandt. You will have no trouble identifying the 2.

PS2: This article was itself written by an AI via the prompt: “What are the implications of OpenAI, GPT3, GPT3-4 for the SEO, SEO writers and the world?” (No just kidding :D)

We would like to say thanks to the writer of this short article for this awesome content

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SEO: Where are we headed?

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