AI and Music: Soundcloud, music audio streaming platform, announces the acquisition of Musiio

AI for music is a subject that fascinates, we have also devoted a file to it in the last issue of ActuIA, currently on sale in digital and paper version, available on newsstands and by subscription ( SoundCloud, a music streaming platform, announced in early May that it had acquired Musiio, a music technology start-up using AI to automatically identify and tag songs. This acquisition will enable SoundCloud to strengthen its AI capabilities and further leverage its vast data to identify upcoming music trends and future talent.

SoundCloud, a curation platform, created in Stockholm by Alex Ljung, sound designer and musician Eric Wahlforss, moved to Berlin in August 2007. It aims to be the world’s largest music discovery platform and claims to have more than 300 million content from 30 million artists, broadcast in 190 countries. In 2020, she raised $75M from SiriusXM. The acquisition of Musiio will allow it to unearth the talents of tomorrow hidden on its platform.


Singapore-based, founded in June 2018 by British Hazel Savage and Swedish Aron Pettersson, Musiio was recently named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Music Companies. Launched as a solution for audio platforms looking to efficiently categorize and label large volumes of tracks and lacking the internal resources to do so, Musiio is able to sort by qualifiers (genre, key, tempo and mood).

The AI ​​uses a combination of deep learning and feature extraction, the training focuses on the audio itself, rather than the statistics and third-party data that some services use to categorize tracks. Musiio’s technology focuses on B2B audio benchmarking (the AI ​​that can “listen” to music), automated tagging, and playlist tools for the music industry. By “listening” to more leads than a human ever could and identifying characteristics and patterns, AI allows users to better predict success, which, in turn, can increase their success rate. and, ultimately, their income.

Hazel Savage, CEO of Musiio, and Aron Pettersson, the CTO, will continue to lead the company as Vice President, Music Intelligence, and Vice President, AI and Machine Learning, respectively. Their employees will join the SoundCloud teams while also retaining their positions.

Hazel Savage says:

“SoundCloud is not only a legendary household name, but also an artist-focused company that I believe is the future of the new holistic music industry. I am incredibly proud that after 4 years of building Musiio, we are now part of SoundCloud. »

Musiio will continue to operate as a B2B company, serving existing customers and open to new customers for Tag and Search AI products. She will be at the heart of SoundCloud’s discovery experience by helping it identify talent and trends before anyone else.

Eliah Seton, president of SoundCloud, congratulates:

“SoundCloud is home to more music from more creators than any platform on the planet. The acquisition of Musiio accelerates our strategy to better understand how this music uniquely evolves, which is critical to our success. We are honored to partner with Hazel and Aron and welcome Musiio’s absolutely brilliant team of innovators to the SoundCloud family. »

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AI and Music: Soundcloud, music audio streaming platform, announces the acquisition of Musiio

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