A virtual campus to accelerate drug discovery through artificial intelligence

The pharmaceutical laboratories Servier and Oncodesign Precision Medicine (OPM), a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the treatment of resistant and metastatic cancers, are launching “FederAidd” (Federation for Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery), an international virtual campus of open innovation to accelerate and make the drug discovery process more reliable thanks to artificial intelligence. A webinar will take place in the first quarter of 2023 to share information on how FederAidd works and how to join the international virtual campus. The two companies are long-standing partners.

Proposal for the creation of an international virtual collaborative space

FederAidd aims to create a virtual and international collaborative space, in order to interconnect the actors capable of accelerating the development of artificial intelligence applications in “Drug Discovery”. This concerns pharmas, biotechs, CROs (Contract Research Organization), artificial intelligence startups, academic artificial intelligence research institutes, hospitals, IT solution providers, etc.

“Global data analysis is made complex by their quality and heterogeneity”

The new collaborative space is launched with InterSystems France which is the first member of the campus. InterSystems is a technology publisher and a player in the management of health data that supports organizations in their digital transformation. ” Artificial intelligence has immense potential in drug discovery. Research programs generate flows of data often resulting from multidisciplinary skills, their global analysis is made complex by the quality and heterogeneity of the data notes Philippe Genne, CEO of Oncodesign Precision Medicine.

FederAidd aims to discover new active drugs in pathologies without therapeutic solution, in contact with the best experts and the latest developments in artificial intelligence. he continues. ” Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, proximity and exchange are essential within a private and public network collaborating on projects. This campus should make it possible to respond to these issues of knowledge and discovery he finishes.

Hatch artificial intelligence projects

FederAidd’s objective is to foster between its members artificial intelligence projects applied to the discovery of innovative drugs and responding to unmet medical needs. Therefore, some FederAidd members will have skills in Drug Discovery, and their projects can be accelerated and enhanced by the use of artificial intelligence. Other members will have skills and know-how in artificial intelligence, and will help accelerate Drug Discovery projects.

FederAidd is a collaborative platform which should make it possible to pool the tools and knowledge shared by the partners

FederAidd also offers a corpus of collective intelligence, based on a collaborative platform, which makes it possible to pool the tools and knowledge shared by the partners within the virtual campus. FederAidd thus wishes to offer its members a space for experimentation, training, reflection and to promote exchanges and the creation of value within drug discovery or entrepreneurship projects.

This virtual campus of open innovation aims to bring together different players in the health ecosystem from around the world, such as academic groups, biotechs, startups or pharmaceutical groups. explains Olivier Nosjean, Director of Open Innovation and Scientific Affairs at Servier. ” The aim is to stimulate the discovery of new treatments, and to accelerate therapeutic innovation thanks to artificial intelligence he adds.

Call for expressions of interest in 2023

In addition, a Call for Expression of Interest (AMI) will be launched during 2023, in consultation with Medicen, the health competitiveness cluster of the Ile-de-France Regionand Montreal International (Canada), in order to identify new partnerships around innovative projects, in France and abroad, which could benefit from the support of FederAidd.

Medicen, Montreal International and the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region support FederAidd in order to meet the needs observed within their ecosystems. The campus will welcome members and health actors from all over the world. It is launched between Dijon and Paris-Saclay, in France, and in Montreal, in Canada.

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A virtual campus to accelerate drug discovery through artificial intelligence

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