A manga created by an AI arrives in Japan and the result is completely crazy!

News JVTech A manga created by an AI arrives in Japan and the result is completely crazy!

TikTok has accustomed us to the marriage between AI and manga by transforming our photos. But today, it’s the turn of a real manga to be created with the help of an artificial intelligence, its Cyberpunk name: Momotaro.

Artificial intelligence attacks manga!

2022 has been an extraordinary year for artificial intelligences. Between the ChatGPT phenomenon, the meteoric rise of artistic AIs and the many innovations concerning autonomous cars, it is difficult not to agree with this observation. And you know what, the year 2023 is likely to be just as incredible! Just recently, and while ChatGPT is still a big hit, we’ve seen big companies like Google and Microsoft go all out in artificial intelligence.

But as you will no doubt have understood from the title of this article, we are not here to talk about the two Tech giants, but rather abouta mangaka, who had the brilliant idea of ​​creating a manga with the help of an artificial intelligence. If One Peice, Dragon Ball or Naruto have been a hit and continue to be a hit thanks to their characters, their universe or their scenario, Cyberpunk: Momotaro could well create the sensation thanks to its creative process. And according to the first sketches of the work, the final result – which will be released on March 9 in Bunch Comics magazine – should be most impressive – or disconcerting.

One Piece, Tokyo Revengers, Naruto and now Cyberpunk: Momotaro

This brilliant idea, we owe it to the Japanese publishing house Shinchōsha, but also and especially to mangaka Rootport which is based on the power of artificial intelligence Mid-journey to assemble and edit her future baby. If for a few months, we have seen appearing on TikTok and other social networks, a multitude of filters using AI to transform us into manga protagonists, this is the first time that a Japanese comic book author has attempted this. artificial intelligence experience.

Inspired by the greatest Japanese science fiction classics, Cyberpunk: Momotaro tells the story of a young boy with amnesia which was collected by the owners of a strip club. Plot-twist, the protagonist has locked and confidential data in a part of his body. As often in this kind of story, the hero will then have to find his way and fight several formidable enemies to achieve his ends.

If the scenario is not necessarily the most original of the decade, the boards shared by the mangaka on his twitter account are quite impressive. The imagination of the author coupled with the intelligence of Mid-journey worked miracles! Colors, details and kakimojis the recipe found by Rootport seems to have paid off. See you in March to find out what this new genre of manga has in store for us.

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A manga created by an AI arrives in Japan and the result is completely crazy!

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