A French start-up invents the world’s first smart bath mat, but why?

When you get out of the shower or the bath, you put your feet on a rug, and you may then happen to go through the “scale” box… This tool, feared by many people, is nevertheless present in almost every home. ! Now the scales are connected, show you your weight, your BMI, and some can also track your weight loss and gain at each pass. At CES 2023, which began on January 5, a French start-up invented a bath mat innovative, the BBalance, simultaneously a bath mat and a connected scale. Proposed by the French start-up baracoda, this is one of the great novelties of this year. Presentation.

The BBalance bath mat, what is it?

The prototype called Mateo was imagined more than two years ago, but this time, the innovative bath mat will be well marketed from next April. BBalance is an invention of the Parisian start-up, Baracoda Daily Healthtech and presents itself like a connected bath mat which will help you monitor your weight of course, but also your health, without an additional scale. This invention is a world first, no bath mat had been equipped with an integrated coaching system and driven by Artificial Intelligence.

The invention of a bio-impedance analysis system that indicates muscle, fat, bone and water mass. Photo credit: BBalance

What can he do?

The BBalance mat consists of two parts: a washable cotton bath mat and a pilot base that is installed under the mat. Featuring patented resistance technology, it is able to analyze the body’s center of pressure against its database. He can moreover analyze the balance and trajectory of your center of pressure. With him, you will no longer know only your weight, but at each pass, a complete check-up of your health. And if there are several of you using it, don’t worry, the AI ​​allows it to recognize every footprint that treads on it.

What is the use of the BBalance?

Almost always, monitoring your health at home has been limited to weighing yourself from time to time, it’s an ingrained habit, even doctors systematically weigh their patients at each consultation. But what does losing or gaining weight really tell us? When you use BBalance it will dry the feet first, it’s a mat! Then, for each person in the household, and based on the data he has recorded, he will offer coaching exercises to improve his general state of health. Let’s take an example. If you weigh yourself and you suffer from back pain, BBalance will be able, thanks to the posture of your body, to detect them. He will then suggest that you coach you with adapted physical exercises to your back pain, to try to relieve it. Of course, since it is connected to an application, you will be able to follow the evolution of your general form day after day on your smartphone. BBalance presents itself as the world’s first smart bath mat. He is already available for pre-order for $299 and will be delivered in April 2023. More information on BBalance? Visit the site bbalance.io.


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A French start-up invents the world’s first smart bath mat, but why?

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