5 good news in tech in 2022

Cybercrime, cryptocrash, scandals… The tech sector can seem quite gloomy. To end the year on a good note, an overview of this year’s positive innovations!

Admittedly, this section often talks about bad news and innovations that raise questions or worry. However, new technologies can also act for good causes and give us hope for the future. So let’s take a positive look at tech for the year 2022.

MedTech is advancing by leaps and bounds

This year has not lacked innovations in the field of medicine and many technologies find their place in this sector. 3D printing, which could already produce more affordable plastic prostheses, can now create an ear Where a nose from biomaterials and patient cells.

Progress also on the side of exoskeletons, with robotic clothes to facilitate the movements of the arms and leg exoskeletons that adapt to their user thanks to artificial intelligence. In France, the specialist company Wandercraft obtained 40 million euros during a fundraiser to develop an exoskeleton for personal use, at home and in the city.

In the future, MedTech can even be predictive : with the help of artificial intelligence, blood tests and other routine examinations will be able to detect cancers, cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s several years before the onset of symptoms. This new branch of medicine will not only allow better chances of survival, but also create more personalized treatments.

The construction industry is experiencing a revolution with 3D printing

3D printing, as we have just seen, is already very useful in medicine. However, this technology can also be applied to objects on a completely different scale, such as houses! 3D printing is more and more talked about in the field of construction as it has many advantages: it is faster, cheaper and it avoids a painful part of the work for the workers. Companies are already experimenting with several types of materials: from conventional concrete to more original and ecological choices such as recycled plastic and cocoa waste.

The characteristics of 3D printing construction led to the transmission of this technique to Ukrainians, so that they could build quickly bomb shelters and rebuild homes.

Digital is increasingly accessible

Until now, the question of accessibility was rather taboo; a subject for killjoys who want to bitch about incredible innovations. Fortunately, more and more companies are now interested in creating features for their users with disabilities.

On the social media side, TikTok and instagram have added automatic captioning for videos, for example, while Twitter insists that its users add a description to their images for the visually impaired. A project was also launched in October to improve voice recognition people with a disability that affects their voice.

Manufacturers are also tackling this problem. For its smartphones and connected watches, Apple has added a large number of functions to its products to make life easier for users who are visually impaired, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment. Microsoft has also launched an adaptive controller and a whole range of peripherals for computer customizable thanks to 3D printing. Still in the field of video games, Electronic Arts has made available free of charge patents and Meta published a charter and documents to help creators of immersive content make it accessible to everyone.

Even self-driving car brands are getting started, while this sector is still in its infancy: Waymo unveiled this summer navigation functions adapted to the capabilities of the user.

The environmental impact becomes a real subject

In the collective imagination, pollution is mainly linked to industry and transport. However, there is a real awareness of the environmental impact of digital technology. If the brands continue to push for consumption and the traceability of the components remains difficult, there is nevertheless progress on the side of the repairability, including from the most reluctant manufacturers, such as Apple. the refurbished is also on the rise and buying used devices has become commonplace, which is good for the wallet and the planet.

Data centers, which concentrate a good part of the pollution linked to digital technology, also take this problem into account in their design. In October, one of these centers opened in Seine-Saint-Denis: it not only reuses the heat from the servers to heat the neighborhood and the future Olympic swimming pool, but also includes a large greenhouse for growing fruit and vegetables.

Social networks and influencers are mobilizing

The war in Ukraine was an opportunity to see the Internet set up various initiatives to help people. The dematerialized video game sales platform itch.io for example, raised more than $6.3 million by selling a set of games. An NFT of the Flag of Ukraine was also sold for $6.7 million. The players of Fortnitemeanwhile, managed to raise more than $50 million in three days.

Still in the field of video games, charity events continue to multiply on the Twitch streaming platform, particularly in France, the most important being the ZEvent which once again broke its record with more than 10 million euros collected in one weekend for the benefit of several associations for the defense of the environment.

A welcome reminder that technologies and social networks are not necessarily bad, it depends on what you do with them!

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5 good news in tech in 2022

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