TRINITY by Clare Davidson

TRINITY by Clare Davidson, 279pages, $ Prices Vary at Amazon, Review by Joe Taylor
(3.5 Stars)
Trinity by Clare Davidson, Books by Clare Davidson, British Writer Clare Davidson, Author Clare DavidsonKiana has been imprisoned all of her life. Well, in a way. She lives in a perfumed world of kind tutors and handsome guards with healing powers. They seem to provide her her entertainments as much as afford her protection. And she needs entertainments. She’s not even allowed to look out over her balcony at the sunrise. What she really longs for is to see the world outside of her tower. The problem is, she’s the embodiment of the Goddess Miale and as sweet as she is, she has enemies.

They’re a race of men called the Wolves, and they want her dead to avenge a thousand year old murder of their own Goddess. When they successfully attack her castle and lay waste her guards, she escapes with the only guard who hasn’t been killed, a handsome newbie named Nidan. Along the way they discover the burned body of a Wolf who is himself a powerful Mage. In a true act of compassion, Kiana orders her guard to heal the man while knowing that he’s an enemy.

Despite the hatred the Wolf has for the Goddess Miale, he’s changed by Kiana’s kindness despite his knowledge that she’s Miale’s physical form. There will come a time when Kiana and Nidan’s kindness pays off. The young Wolf they save joins them to restore the Trinity of Gods that once unified all of the peoples.

In her debut book Clare Davidson has proven that she is a solid writer. Her connection to that special place writers are connected to when they write is a sure one, giving the reader a story that flows with ‘good’ characters who are likable and ‘bad’ characters who are not. This is a pleasant read and becomes more riveting when Kiana and her guard are joined by the grateful recipient of their charity.

The character of Skaric, enemy Wolf turned love interest, is particularly engaging with his many flaws and inner conflicts. His coming to terms with what he has always understood as his own cowardice gives us the book’s arc and gives readers something to wrap their hearts around.

One can only imagine the power Ms Davidson could have brought to the pages of Trinity had she not spared her other characters the same treatment. The author has a gift for showing the engaging inner lives of characters that we would have liked to see more of, especially in her treatment of her character Berend: It’s not enough that a villain wants to kill the good guys. We need nuance if we’re to truly dread turning a page when the villain makes an appearance. And good guys need a little bad in them too. A fiercely handsome, well built guard dressed all in black is a mine field of jealousies and unenlightened thoughts to be overcome, so why make him perfect and spoil the fun?

But that said Clare Davidson has quite an accomplishment on her hands and it is one worth downloading on the kindle. Trinity moves along and entertains and above all establishes her as a writer to keep an eye on. The Wolves are a little hard to differentiate from one another in the beginning, but the book soon takes off and carries the reader through a tale that shows good imagination and an excellent sense of timing.

Yaroos! gives Trinity by Clare Davidson 3.5 Stars out of 5.