THE ISLE OF BLOOD, The Third Book of the Monstrumologist Series

THE ISLE OF BLOOD, Rick Yancey, 555 pages, $18.99 Hardback

When a knock is heard at the door of 425 Harrington Lane, it’s never at the front door and never at a decent hour. This time it is an English gentleman bearing a box with extraordinary content: A bowl. Or is it a kind of nest, made from the remains of human beings?

Dr. Pellinore Warthrop and his “indispensable assistant” Will Henry are on another adventure to the mysterious island of Socotra, called by some the Isle of Blood. They’re looking for the Holy of Holies for a Monstrumologist, a creature that has never been seen by anyone, and devours human beings while in flight, letting fall a rain of flesh and blood on all who stand below its path of flight. And woe to anyone touched by this gruesome rain: These poor unfortunates become infected with a virus that causes the victim to eat themselves from the inside out .

But it seems that Pellinore hasn’t learned just how indispensable Will Henry is to him, until he finds himself double crossed by a flattering Monstrumologist, without Will Henry at his side. The doctor soon discovers however that he can be sure of one thing. It will always be his thirteen year old assistant who will come to his rescue, even if the boy has to cross an ocean to do it!

And he’s going to need Will Henry more than ever on this hunt. As they go in search of their latest monster, they’re up against the governments of Great Britain andThe Isle of Blood by Rick Yancey Book Review
Russia, who’ve sent their best to see to it that the team of Warthrop and Henry never get to Socotra, or more to the point, never get back. But the doctor has friends all over the earth, as strange and interesting as he is who make sure the two succeed.

After each book in this series, the reader would be justified in fearing that Rick Yancey can’t possibly write a follow up as good as the book they’ve just read. The good news is that ‘as good as’ doesn’t seem to be good enough for this mega talented writer.

In our opinion, The Isle of Blood is Yancey’s best book yet, as it follows the two on their hunt for the ultimate prize, but follows the deepening
relationship between Will and Dr. Warthrop, and especially Wills growth as a true Monstrumologist himself. The relationship between the two is deeply and sensitively written, especially when it concerns Wills discovery of his own dark side.

Mr. Yancey’s writing is at its richest and darkest ever, with descriptions of far away lands, and the intricacies of Will Henry’s darker thoughts, served to us like courses of a great French dinner. But here is a stern warning from our team: The reader is in danger of consuming this great meal too quickly. And it will prove very difficult to pace yourself as your reading The Isle of Blood.

This book will make you gluttonous for the next page. But for your own good, discipline yourself: There is only disappointment ahead when you read the last word and close the cover on the world of Dr Warthrop and Will Henry. As crazy as it might sound, this reader intends to pick it up again as soon as he finishes this review!

The Yaroos! Team has given this book five star rating, the highest rating we give and has included it in our Gold Standard category.

J.Campbell Taylor