CITY OF GLASS by Cassandra Clare (Book 3)

CITY OF GLASS BY CASSANDRA CLARE, 541pages, $ Price Varies at Amazon

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes, City of Bones, Author Cassandra Clare, Writer Cassandra Clare, Cassandra Clair,Nephilim, Shadow HuntersAt last Clary is off to Idris, the Mecca for Shadow Hunters. She’s got her bags packed and in the back of Luke’s pickup. Not that he’s too happy about it. For that matter, neither is Jace. He’s so desperate for her not to go that he calls up Simon and asks him to lie to the Lightwoods about Clary’s change of heart. He fears for her in Idris. What if they find out about her new talent with runes?

Clary’s on her way but a pack of demons has beaten her to the institute. Jace, the Lightwood family as well as the Warlock Magnus fend them off and escape hurriedly through the portal that Magnus is tyhere to open. But Simon is about to be Killed and Jace can’t leave him behind. It’s breaking all the laws of Ixris to take a child of the night there, but Jace, well, he’s Jace.

For her own part, Clary arrives at the Institute, the home base of the Shadow Hunters, to the garbage smell of demons and hellmist and to the absence of her traveling party. She’s just a little upset about it. Think Clary’s gonna just go home when the warlock who can take her mom out of a magically induced coma?

While Clary and Luke ar fumbling through the dangers on the outskirts of Idris, the Lightwood contingent are comfortably installed in a great house, enjoying all of the comforts their class was meant to enjoy. And there’s even company, a cousin and a stylish nephew of their host’s, a boy named Sebastian.

In this third book of The Mortal Instruments Series, Cassandra Calre throws a seraph blade into our understanding about who these characters are. A few characters die (yes, for good. No reviving blood hits for these unfortunate souls) and Simon runs into some serious trouble. Valentine has everything he needs now to tear Idris and its glorious city of Alicante down to the foundations of its ward towers. And there’s more to Jace’s story than we thought.

Of her first three novels in this series, City of Glass is by far her best. Cassandra Clare seems to have a natural gift for dialog which is at its best when that dialog is between her younger characters. She’s not so comfortable in the writing of adults and Villains however. There’s something about malevolent intentions that seems hard for this talented writer to get her key strokes around. The characters of the Inquisitors and Valentine come off a bit wooden. A little more silence on all of their parts might have made them more intimidating.

The mark of any book worth more than its paper and ink is whether we feel a little lonely knowing that our travels with these wonderful characters is over. When you close the cover on this one, expect a little loneliness to settle in. But the fourth book is out now, so you won’t be lonely for long. Yaroos gives this book 3.5 stars out of 5 and we recommend you read it!