CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS by Cassandra Clare (Book 4)

CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS by Cassandra Clare, 424pages, $19.99 Book 4

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare,The Mortal Instruments,The Mortal Instruments Series,Author Cassandra Clare,Writer Cassandra Clare,City of Bones,City of Ashes,City of Glass, great beach reads, books for the beachLove is in the autumn air. Luke the werewolf pack leader and Clary’s mother Jocelyn are planning their wedding. They’re in love like a pair of teenagers. Simon the newly minted vampire is dating both Maia the werewolf and Isabel the Shadowhunter at once, taking advantage of what he calls vampire mojo. As for Alex and his centuries old but beautiful boyfriend Magnus the Warlock of Brooklyn, they’re off on a grand tour of Europe. But Clary and Jace of all people seem to be having troubles. Jace is having nightmares so horrifying that he chooses to stay awake at night rather than face the horrible images that swim through his unconscious mind. They start off with holding Clary in his arms and end with blood flowing. Jace wonders if the evil Valentine’s influence over him goes deeper than he had first feared.

Jace is afraid to be around Clary. Lucky for him that he now has an excuse to keep himself away from her. Simon is being attacked by beings who want to kill him. True, he’s got the Mark of Cain on him which protects him from harm, but who wants him dead and why? What’s more, Simon’s moved into an apartment with his band’s new lead singer, Kyle who Jace discovers isn’t who he claims to be. Everyone wants a piece of Simon, from the most powerful vampire in the world to unknowns who’ve just murdered a young girl believing that she was Simon’s girlfriend.

And now Jace has learned from the Silent Brothers that the nightmares he’s having are caused by a demon’s influence. The Silent brother’s can help him before it’s too late, right? Will Clary stay with him through darkness and light?

In City of Fallen Angels, Cassandra Clare’s dialog pours forth the same luxurious flow of wit that colors a rich effluence of language. Gone is her overuse of stock descriptions that plagued her earlier books, replaced by more carefully wrought imagery. Her description is varied and sensual, revealing what we believe is just the first three inches of a mile deep sensitivity left untapped in her writing. Her characters take on new depths in this latest volume. They continue to grow as their lives are touched by love and death and the growing respect they gain for each other. It’s their love that dissolves the barriers dividing their worlds.

Ms Clare has mercifully spared us a happy ending, leaving us with a “cliff hanger”. After reading City of Fallen Angels, we’re sure you’ll want to rush into book five, but you may wish to read our review of Book Five first