Jan 31


THE AMULET OF SAMARKAND, Jonathan Stroud, 462 pages, $9.99paperback London as it turns out isn’t what we think it is. Government workers and the upper classes are really all magicians, while the struggling middle and lower classes are non-magical folk … Continue reading

Jan 30

THE ISLE OF BLOOD, The Third Book of the Monstrumologist Series

THE ISLE OF BLOOD, Rick Yancey, 555 pages, $18.99 Hardback When a knock is heard at the door of 425 Harrington Lane, it’s never at the front door and never at a decent hour. This time it is an English … Continue reading

Jan 30

THE CURSE OF THE WENDIGO, Sequel to The Monstrumologist

Review by Joe Taylor THE CURSE OF THE WENDIGO, Rick Yancey, 424 pages $9.99paperback It has been two difficult years since Will Henry was taken in by the “self absorbed lunatic”, Dr. Pellinore Warthrop. Two years to observe this “genius … Continue reading